OPEN Global is launching NOVA Initiative aimed at educating engineers, entrepreneurs and designers how to approach globally competitive New Product Development.

More information about the course is available after you register.

The NOVA Contest will teach participants the Practice of Developing New Products. The product will be a sophisticated Robotic Kit for educating High School students in STEAM. It will consist of developing a robot that uses machine learning, camera, display, lights and manipulators to demonstrate practically the lessons they are being taught in the high school classes. The target build price is $50, validated by a production house. It will require participants to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team to take the product development through all its different phases. It will be technically sufficiently challenging so as to showcase the different technical skills required, and at the same time challenge them to approach it as a real product aimed at an actual global market.

The Contest will start in mid-2022. It will be limited to ten teams in the first year. It will be open to any University in any Country. Members of each team can belong to multiple institutions. The winner will be awarded $10,000 at the conclusion after a year.

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OPEN is a global organization fostering entrepreneurs across four continents since 1998.

These modules will cover:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Trade Study & Research
  • Product and Technology Requirements
  • Product Concept Development
  • Technology Development
  • Detailed Product Development
  • Collaboration & Partnering
  • Procurement and Vendor Management

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Productization
  • Marketing
  • Direct Selling, Direct Marketing, and 3rd party Distribution
  • Customer Support
  • Life-Cycle Management

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